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The Risky Game of Credit Underwriting

The Risky Game of Credit Underwriting

Credit underwriting decisions are a cornerstone of any economy. Made wisely, they can assist entrepreneurship, promote economic growth, and generally ensure that capital is allocated to its highest and best use. On the other hand, poor credit underwriting decisions can negatively impact an industry or the economy as a whole.  Recent troubles in the U.S. economy are directly tied to the poor credit decisions of lenders to support prospective home owners who had little money and provided little information about their financial strength in an over-inflated housing environment. Recent failures of banks such as IndyMac are partly tied to poor credit underwriting decisions and over-leveraging.  The failure of banks to consider the full range of construction risk is leaving many banks high and dry due to the recent spate of construction business failures, with many more to come. The five consecutive years of recent losses in the surety industry was directly related to poor credit underwriting decisions. With all of these losses you have to wonder what is going wrong. The answer is twofold: an unusually high tolerance for risk and credit decisions based upon insufficient data.


In the case of mortgages that went bad, because loans could be packaged and resold, an anything goes atmosphere developed and many risk management practices were thrown out the window. Many loans were provided based on simple applications that provided minimal financial information. The fallout of this lending environment is showcased on Mortgage Lender Implode-o-Meter. In the case of IndyMac, a large portfolio of non-performing Alt-A loans, sometimes called liar loans, and risky construction and land development lending, left the bank with very little cushion in a falling housing market. Other banks impacted by losses only relied on financial data, failing to consider all the risks of lending to high risk industries such as construction and auto dealerships.


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